• Insider Tips: This Week's Picks from the Witte Team

    by Fran Stephenson | Jul 05, 2012

    Everyone wants to know the inside track, the secret deal, the unadvertised special.  Here are 6 ideas from the Witte team to enhance your visit, save money or try something new.  Let us know which ones you try by commenting below.

    Pack a Lunch – Did you know that you can pack your lunch when you come to visit the Witte Museum or the South Texas Heritage Center?  The courtyard between the two buildings has shade and benches and is perfect for a family picnic.

    Enjoying live performances is just a click away – live performance schedules are now online, so you won’t miss them on your next visit. Or plan to visit during one of our...

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  • Pan de Campo -- a Staple of the Campfire

    by Fran Stephenson | Jun 07, 2012

    Vaqueros and Cowboys Expected Pan De Campo with Their Evening Meal

    The meals for Vaqueros and Cowboys working on South Texas ranches depended on the cook and crew and where they came from. For the most part, vaqueros and cowboys on South Texas ranches expected Pan de Campo with their meals.

    The classic pan de campo is baked in a Dutch oven. It comes out as a round loaf an inch and a half or two inches thick. It can also be cooked in a skillet with a lid, or it can be fried. If things are really scarce, you can wrap the dough around a stick and cook it over coals. Modern cooks can bake pan de campo in the ...

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  • 8 Reasons to Take Your Kids on a History Trip

    by Fran Stephenson | May 30, 2012

    Great Stuff for Kids to Do This Summer

    At the Robert J. and Helen C. Kleberg South Texas Heritage Center, activities for children are top of mind.  Here are eight that we think will strike a chord with your kids.

    1. Topography Touch Table

    Touch Table at the South Texas Heritage Center This backlit table features a map of all the oil wells in Texas plus historic photos and videos about looking for oil.  You command and control what you want to see….was their an oil well in your backyard? Blow up the map or minimize and virtually “fly” the photos on and off the screen.

    2. Cattle Drive Pinball

    Cattle Drive Pinball The cattle drivers encountered numerous obstacles including hostile enemies, four-legged predators, bad weather and lost animals. Navigate the ...

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  • Remembering the Chili Queens

    by Fran Stephenson | May 28, 2012

    Chili Queens were among San Antonio’s earliest street vendors.

    Chili Queens in early San Antonio

    In the mid-1800s, they sold chili con carne, enchiladas, tamales, coffee, and hand-rolled corn husk cigarettes in city plazas. Chili queens were a constant presence in San Antonio, in places such as Military Plaza, from dusk to dawn. All types of people, from wealthy ranchers to laborers, ate breakfast and lunch in city plazas. They are immortalized in photos in the Main Plaza section of the new Robert J. and Helen C. Kleberg South Texas Heritage Center but also in their chili recipe, which we are happy to share with our visitors.  You can download the recipe here for one of the original chili queens’ famous chili con carne.  Try it ...

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  • Opening Day for the South Texas Heritage Center

    by Fran Stephenson | May 26, 2012

    Grand Opening Kicked off with Ribbon Cutting, Boot Scoot

    Marise McDermott and Mayor Castro before the Ribbon Cutting It’s been in the planning stages so long that we can’t remember a time when we weren’t talking about it.  But today our vision for the Robert J. and Helen C. Kleberg South Texas Heritage Center finally came true. 

    And what a day it’s been.

    It started bright and early with our first-ever 5K Fun Run and Boot Scoot. So many families and runners and boot-scooters!

    Then it was on to the official part of the morning, the ribbon-cutting ceremony.  Led by Museum President and CEO Marise McDermott, we were pleased to have San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro join us as well as our friends from the SA ...

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