About STHC

The Robert J. and Helen C. Kleberg South Texas Heritage Center at the Witte Museum is a place where the stories of 1850s South Texas come to life through interactive exhibits, art, artifacts and live performances. Nestled along the beautiful San Antonio River, the center is the permanent home of the Witte Museum’s South Texas collections.

The People

Who are we? We are cowboys, settlers, chili queens, ranchers and oil men. And merchants, Comanches, soldiers, farmers and outlaws. All had a hand in shaping who we are today.

The Artifacts

More than mere objects, saddles and spurs, baskets and clothes, branding irons and guns, are tied to the people and to the land and are symbols of shared stories.

The Building

At 20,000 square feet, the building includes historic Pioneer Hall. Old and new are cleverly nestled together, offering visitors a stunning backdrop upon which to experience the stories of our shared history.